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This page contains frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer here, give us a call or submit your question on our Contact page.

Does Spectrum Psychiatry accept insurance?

Yes, Spectrum Psychiatry is currently contracted with most major insurance plan.  We are not an in-network provider with AHCCCS or Medi-Cal. We are not contracted with Banner Health (Banner Aetna HMO)

Does Spectrum Psychiatry accept Medicare?

Yes, we are contracted with Medicare however, we only see patients aged 13-64.

Does Spectrum Psychiatry prescribe controlled substances?

Yes. Certain conditions such as anxiety and ADHD may be best managed with medications which are strictly regulated by state & federal agencies. A complete evaluation is completed at the initial appointment to determine the best course of treatment and there is no guarantee that your currently prescribed medications will be continued as this will be determined by your provider after your evaluation. 

What is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)?

 A PMHNP is a master’s prepared, advanced practice nursing specialty which uses the nursing model of care, a holistic focus on both the physical and emotional needs of a patient. This differs from the medical model which is the primary model of healthcare used by physicians and physician assistants.  Some people prefer one caregiver model over the other. The scope of practice for PMHNPs may differ from state to state. In Arizona, a PMHNP can practice independently meaning no physician involvement. In California, a PMHNP must work with a collaborating physician. A PMHNP can evaluate and diagnose a wide range of mental health conditions, prescribe medications, order diagnostics tests, and provide psychotherapy.

Does Spectrum Psychiatry offer therapy or counseling?

Although our focus is on diagnosing and medication management of mental health conditions, we incorporate talk therapy during follow up visits and address any psychological or interpersonal influences. We do not offer extensive or specialized therapy such as trauma therapy which requires special training. We highly recommend therapy to all our patients as we know therapy with medication is often the best clinical solution. If needed, we will assist you in finding a therapist that is the right fit for you.

Does Spectrum Psychiatry treat all mental health conditions?

No, although we treat numerous mental health conditions, there are several we do not treat. We do not treat SMI or opioid use disorder. We do not provide court ordered treatment or evaluations. We do not do short term or long-term disability. We do not perform evaluations for autism or learning disabilities.

Do you see children?

We see patients from age 13 to 64. Children and the elderly are special populations which we believe require more specialized care.

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